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Year-End Planning for Retirees

As we approach the last quarter of each year, it is a good time to plan for the next one. Year-end planning is especially important for existing retirees and those hoping to retire in the next few years. There are tax and income strategies you might consider regarding your financial assets. Here are three steps [...]

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Year-End Tax Planning for High-Net-Worth Individuals

As the year’s end approaches, High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs) must prepare for one of the most critical monetary tasks: year-end tax planning. Due to the nature of their holdings and dynamic financial situation, HNWIs often grapple with complex tax management issues. With astute planning, mitigating significant tax liability may be possible. First, comprehensive tax planning involves [...]

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Trusts and Year-End Planning: A Checklist

A trust is a legal vehicle that protects your assets that contains instructions for your assets when you die or become incapacitated. When you set up a trust, you transfer assets from your name into your trust's name while you still retain control of the assets until you die. Trusts can hold many different assets, [...]

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5 Year-End Tax Planning Tips for Small Business

Tax planning preparations include small-business owners taking necessary measures to optimize their taxes by taking advantage of deductions and benefits. Here is a brief tax planning overview for small-business owners preparing for tax filings. Incorporating these five tips into monthly, quarterly, and annual tax planning routines may help prevent errors, avoid delays, and help small-business [...]

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Succession Planning for Women Business Owners

Women entrepreneurs face a unique set of hurdles when it comes to starting new businesses, particularly in a post-pandemic world. In 2021, women started about 40 percent of all new businesses, and this figure has remained fairly steady for decades.1 With the unique stresses of operating a brand-new business, many women business owners may not [...]

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Understanding the Estate Planning Process

It is common for people to put off planning their estates. After all, no one wants to anticipate their death. In addition, many may believe that only the wealthy require estate planning or that all that is involved is tax planning, which can be done “later.” They may well be wrong on both counts. Your [...]

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Money Milestones: 4 Financial Goals for Older Individuals

If you saved for retirement for a while, you might look forward to a break from financial responsibility for the remaining portion of your life. But striving for economic betterment should not end when you hit retirement. You may continue to work toward new financial goals every year or every decade to manage the freedom [...]

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Finding Focus with Financial Planning: A Step-By-Step Guide

You have probably heard about financial planning and its potential benefits, but you are unsure how to apply the principles to your life. A financial plan is a collection of steps that help you to evaluate your financial condition and determine how to prepare for your financial future. A financial plan may impact every aspect [...]

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Shutdowns and the Impact to Financial Markets

Government shutdowns have become a recurrent feature of American politics, with their origins dating back to the late 20th century. These shutdowns, which occur when the U.S. government fails to pass a budget or spending bill, can have profound effects on various aspects of society. Among the most significant consequences are their impact on financial [...]

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Family Wealth Transfer Planning: Keeping it in the Family Through Generational Giving

What is family wealth, and how do you preserve it? You have worked hard for years and accumulated wealth. You earned this money through your job, investing, and saving, and you want to preserve it for yourself and to take care of the family you love. With the projected modification of the current legislation, 2023 [...]

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