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As a business owner, the attraction and retention of key employees is often dependent on a robust employee benefit program.  While building a plan for your company, we focus on the goals of the owners of the closely held business.

At OnPath Financial, your advisor can help you walk through the many challenges of owning a business in order to address and assess these important areas:

  • Your company 401k and retirement plan

  • Your business succession plan and exit strategy

  • Your group disability plan

  • Your group health insurance plan

  • Any over-looked fiduciary responsibility for your company retirement plan

  • Your balance between company assets and personal assets

From decades of experience, not only can we identify where we can enhance your company benefits, we work with your existing advisor team or help you assemble your team execute on your plans.

In many cases, the single biggest and most concentrated asset an owner has, is the business itself.  Our goal is is to plan holistically in and arround your business while maintaining an eye on the future and any legacy that your hard work and company can provide.

As business owners ourselves, we understand the many complexities business ownership brings which can bring about valuable insight.

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The team at OnPath Financial works tirelessly with our clients to help bring better clarity into their financial lives. The path to success requires attention. It’s time to engage. It’s time to plan.