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What has been a rapidly evolving part of our industry is the integration of technology into offerings by financial services firms.  Financial Technology can provide important insight into your financial plan, your investment portfolio and document the goals, value and work you and your advisor achieve together.

Your advisors at OnPath Financial strive to keep up to date with the most cutting edge, useful technology solutions to assist us in our day to day efforts in the process of providing you independent, objective guidance and advice.  We integrate solutions for seamless connectivity with a focus on data security in the following areas:

  • Account level access and reporting tools

  • Financial planning software such as WealthVision powered by eMoney

  • Retaining important data for industry leading relationship management

  • Risk identification and management solutions

Keeping up to date with technology and integrating it within our respective practices helps keep valuable data secure and streamlined.  Efficiencies help us seize opportunities to achieve your financial goals.

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