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One of the key components of a successful financial plan is to prepare for the unexpected.  Too often this area is overlooked when planning.  Planning for the unexpected reduces doubt and worry and builds confidence over a life-time.

At OnPath Financial, you will find that our advisors and teams work diligently with the financial expertise and the industry knowledge to help identify risk and develop product agnostic insurance strategies that best fit you, your plan and your budget.

Well versed advisors with access to all of the top insurance companies assist you in addressing the following:

  • Life Insurance: What happens to my family if the unexpected happens to me?

  • Long-term care Insurance: How can I protect my assets, income and loved ones while ensuring proper care for myself in the event of a prolonged illness?

  • Disability Insurance: What happens to my income if I become sick or disabled and I am no longer able to work?

Through the knowledgeable partners at OnPath Financial, you will also have access to the networks of professionals that collaborate with us on a continual basis in areas that we plan for with clients.  Whether it is among areas that are important for retirees, such as continuing the best health coverage in and through retirement or working with trusted attorneys during the estate planning process, we are here to help guide you.

Your financial advisor at OnPath Financial will not only walk you through planning for these situations so that you and your family can be confidently pursuing life, but also stand by you during the challenges life brings to help keep you on the right path.

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The team at OnPath Financial works tirelessly with our clients to help bring better clarity into their financial lives. The path to success requires attention. It’s time to engage. It’s time to plan.