5 Things to Consider When Downsizing for Retirement

After working hard and providing for your family for all of these years, you are likely counting down the days until retirement and beginning, as The Beach Boys once said, that “endless summer.” Or maybe you are already retired and looking to make some financial adjustments because you realize that life doesn’t stop when you [...]

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How to Navigate Buying a Home During High Inflation

With rising housing prices and interest rates, you may feel pressured to jump on the carousel to avoid being left behind. However, a home is one of the most expensive purchases most Americans will make, and you don't want to rush into a home that isn't right for your needs. Below, we'll explore a few [...]

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Balancing Business Ownership and Homeownership

Owning a home and running a business are two significant investments that require dedication, planning, and balancing. Both ventures have potential rewards and risks and demand considerable financial commitment and personal involvement. This article explores the possible impacts of combining business and home ownership and tips to help navigate this complex yet achievable endeavor. Business [...]

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4 Tips for How to Set Up a 529 Plan to Benefit Your Business

529 education savings plans allow families to put away money for their children's education without paying taxes on the earnings, as long as the withdrawals are used for qualified educational expenses and fall within the applicable annual limits. While many people may already have these set up for their children or grandchildren, they also make [...]

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Sharing the Love: A Family Business Succession Plan Checklist

You can spread the love through sharing your family business succession plan with the loved ones you hope will take over the reins of the company you spent your life building. Here is a seven-step checklist to help you with your succession planning: 1. Creating manageable goals and objectives The business leader must set goals [...]

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Turning Profits into Wealth: A Guide for High-Earning Business Owners

Growing a business is impressive, but it takes more than just turning a profit to build wealth: It requires a mind shift from short-term gains to long-term prosperity. A business owner must focus on the company's financial confidence and long-term sustainability. Here are some critical tips to help business owners turn their earnings into wealth. [...]

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Wondering How to Finance Your Small Business or Side Hustle?

Having a small business or side hustle can be a great way to increase your income. Even though the old saying goes, "It takes money to make money," what if you just don't have the extra cash on hand to put things in motion? Below are some tips to help you kickstart your new venture [...]

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10 Tips to Help HNW Individuals Avoid an “F” On Their Financial Literacy Report Card

Financial literacy is essential for everyone but can be crucial for high-net-worth (HNW) individuals who may have more wealth to lose than others. Navigating the complex financial landscape is no small task, and having the foundation of financial literacy can help. Financial literacy is essential to wealth management because it may help mitigate the risk [...]

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Improving Your Financial Literacy Can Improve Your Business

Financial literacy is essential for your personal financial health and even more crucial for the financial health of your small business. Being a small business owner comes with many responsibilities, one of which is maintaining the company's finances and helping keep it on track toward a solid financial future. Whether you are just starting to [...]

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It’s Not Too Late to Become Financially Literate

Financial literacy is crucial to a solid financial future and an enjoyable retirement. No matter your age, when you understand how to manage your money and finances, you can make sound financial decisions and take the needed steps toward your financial goals. So, if you are approaching retirement and want to improve your financial literacy, [...]

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