5 Ways to Protect Your Home from Summer Storms

[QUESTION] I know that hurricane season starts on June 1. What should I be doing to protect my home (and my finances) from storms this summer? [ANSWER] This is the perfect time to take steps to help your home avoid damage from summer storms and other weather. Hurricane season runs from June to November, and [...]

529 Plans and Alternatives: Making an Educated Decision about Education Savings Options

Those that choose to invest in the education of a family member, friend or acquaintance are investing not only in that individual’s future, but also the future of society. It is an act of generosity, forward-thinking, and love. However, this type of investment can be more complicated than initially thought. Which plan should you choose [...]

The Importance of Setting Career Goals

We all want to grow in our careers; after all, no one wants to be stuck in the same job for years and years. But in order to achieve any type of professional success, we must continually push ourselves and develop our skills. How do we do that? Set goals. Consider these goal-setting strategies.   [...]

Assessing the Health of Your Business

In today’s business climate, it may be more important than ever for companies to operate at maximum efficiency and with a keen awareness of the potential impact of changes in their industry and the economy. Using a SWOT analysis to take a closer look at your company’s internal operations, as well as its position in [...]

May the 4th Be With You: 4 Money Lessons for Becoming a Financial Jedi Master

When it feels like the galaxy’s forces are all working against you when it comes to your finances, fighting back may seem incredibly daunting. However, becoming a financial Jedi Master is not as hard as you think. Here are four money lessons that may help you gain wisdom, perspective, and possibly some mastery of your [...]

The Best Investment: Teaching Your Children to Save and Invest 

A 2022 Gallup Poll found that 58% of all adult Americans own stock. The top 1% owns more than half the total amount invested among those who own stock. 1 Making investing possible for your children, nieces, nephews and other loved ones may be the key to improving their financial future and getting them off [...]

7 Retirement Considerations

Thoughts from a financial professional   When helping people get ready for retirement, financial professionals find the same issues come up over and over. Thinking ahead can spell the difference between a retirement with enough money and a stressful one with difficult decisions that you don’t want to make. Here are 7 retirement considerations that [...]

5 Last Minute Considerations Before Tax Day

With April’s federal tax filing and payment deadline on the horizon, Americans are dotting their i’s and crossing their t’s as they prepare for the countdown to Tax Day. But before you rush to get that return out the door, are you confident you have everything in order to make your tax filing go as [...]

6 Money Myths That Are Limiting Your Wealth

When people think of “myths,” they often think of such stories as Pandora’s Box (the woman who took the lid off of a jar releasing all of the world’s ills upon the world, were taxes one of them?), or the Tale of Prometheus (who stole fire from his fellow gods to give to humans and [...]

5 Social Security Benefits You Might Be Missing Out On 

Most people know that once they approach retirement age, their reward for years of work comes from Social Security payments they put money towards during their employment. Deciding when to file for your Social Security payments is likely what you may focus on, but there are some other Social Security benefits you may be missing [...]

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