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Taxpayer Appreciation Day—Recognizing Taxpayers’ Contributions

Though U.S. taxpayers received an extra month to file and pay their federal income taxes in 2021, some are still smarting from having to write a check to the IRS.[1] For many, it can be tough to make the connection between those hard-earned dollars going out the window and the roads, services, and even technological advances [...]

Begin Investing While Young

There’s a simple word that has profound implications for savings and investing: compounding. Like a snowball that grows as it rolls down a hill, compounding provides the potential for your money to grow, reinvesting your investment earnings. It is a basic model for growth potential, and the more you invest, the greater the opportunities to [...]

Changes to Medicare in 2021: What Recipients Should Know

For many people, turning 65 provides one of the keys to retirement: access to affordable healthcare. Whether you're enrolling in the Medicare program for the first time or have been a Medicare enrollee for years, it's important to stay on top of current offerings, costs, and enrollment dates so that you can select the plan [...]

4 Ways to Celebrate World Nature Conservation Day

World Nature Conservation day is fast approaching. July 28th is a day when we acknowledge the importance of conservation to ensure a stronger future for the next generations. So how do you do your part and mark the occasion? By finding small ways to conserve in your everyday life. Check out some of the easiest [...]

The Crazy Cost of the Olympic Games

Since the first modern Olympic games in 1896, the competition has been a prestigious honor for the hosting country, but also a significant economic and structural undertaking. Billions of dollars are put toward the construction of new stadiums, lodging, and other facilities, not to mention the opening and closing ceremonies, which can bring in millions [...]

Financial Planning and Living Globally

The past 100 years have seen changes in how people plan for their financial futures and how they live. Borders no longer restrict people from living in one country; their profession often takes them to parts of the world they never anticipated. Today, it’s not uncommon for a family to live part-time in one country [...]

4 Hot Weather Safety Tips for Pets

Summertime is great for walking and playing in the sunshine with your pet. Unfortunately, pets have a harder time keeping cool when the temperatures soar. Here are some tips to keep your pet safe, healthy, and happy under the fun sun. In the car It’s vacation season, but if you’re planning on bringing your pup [...]

Rethinking Social Wellness for Your Employees

Corporate wellness programs have been key tools in improving productivity, employee retention, and creating a more desirable corporate culture. While many companies have put a strong focus on physical wellness plans, many are just touching on the surfaces of other vital components of a wellness program, such as emotional, financial, and social wellness. By including [...]

Investing in Your Vacation

Why do most avoid this important investment? Why do so many of us not use our vacation days?  Salespeople talk about “leaving money on the table.”  Well, employees leave vacation on the table. And the cost to us is significant. In fact, Americans leave 429 million vacation hours on this proverbial table, according to a [...]

Umbrella Policies: Extra Coverage and Peace

Additional insurance to protect your assets and future: Why doesn’t anyone ever tell you not to buy an umbrella liability policy? It seems like additional overall security for pennies. Sure, you can spend pennies paying for something you don’t need or will never use, but isn’t that the argument against all insurance? Let’s run some [...]