Beware Scams at Tax Time

Identity theft runs rampant during tax season   Here’s what to know and how you can help protect yourself. Identity thieves often swipe your bank or credit card account numbers, birth date information or Social Security Number (SSN) to steal from your accounts, open a new and phony account or make illegal purchases. Some 15.4 [...]

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Ways to Minimize Tax on an Investment Portfolio

Improving return by minimizing taxes Although we are all obligated to pay our fair share of taxes, few of us would be pleased to pay taxes unnecessarily. Because taxes lower the actual return on your investments, you should be interested in legitimate ways to minimize taxes on your investment portfolio. Several approaches and strategies exist, [...]

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Five Helpful Tools for Tax Prep

Tax preparation tools and products continue to evolve even more quickly than the federal tax code itself. Which tax prep tools are worth the hype, and which may be passed over? Below we discuss five high-tech tools to help make tax time as simple and streamlined as possible. Receipt-Organizing Apps If you're deciding whether it [...]

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Tax Prep Checklist: Everything You Need to be Ready for Tax Season

Regardless of whether you prepare your taxes yourself or use a professional's services, it's a good idea to gather the information and documentation you need well in advance of your actual tax filing date. Below, we've listed some key information you need when preparing this year's taxes. Your Personal Information The personal information you may [...]

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