4 Tips & Resources to Help Seniors During Periods of High Infation & Market Volatility

In 2022, U.S. inflation hit a 40-year high, with prices for food, housing, gasoline, and other key staples increasing by nearly 10% over the previous year.1 During these uncertain times, stocks have continued a roller-coaster ride that has given heartburn to financial professionals and investors alike. For retirees and seniors on a fixed income, the true [...]

Protecting Financial Information from Prying Eyes

As more and more consumers search for financial information on the Internet, they may inadvertently leave themselves open to being “tracked” by certain companies and individuals. Visitors to financial websites have created a large mass of information that is, in some cases, hardly private. Many marketing companies routinely employ software programs designed to identify you [...]

4 Ways to Boost Your Credit IQ

March is National Credit Education Month in the U.S., which makes it the perfect opportunity to brush up on your credit basics.1 Whether you're a credit novice or well-versed in the art of the FICO score, below are four ways to potentially boost your credit IQ. Dissect Your Credit Score Do you know what goes into [...]

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